Our Story so Far

The God Dionysus, despairing of the state of late 70s television ~ oops I mean Athenian Tragedy, after most of its best tragedicians have tragically perished in an ongoing war against old age.

So Dionysus drags his earstwile servant Xanthias down into Hades with him. Where he'l soon close his story arc.

The doors behind them are the literal Gates of Hades - the gate to the outer keep of Pluto's grey ashen palace, rising austerely into the smog behind a smoking chasm. The characters stand on a narrow stone-bow bridge linking these doors to the Plane of Purgatory, where lost souls wander in hideous forms.

The commotion on the small bridge slowly attracts them, until by the end, the ancient greek audience itself, at night towards the close of the play, represented the demons in hell, watching the debate between Euripides and Aeschylus. 

Euripides soon begins to realize winning this dumb battle could get him a ticket out of Hades. It would be back to Athens but heck that's a start.

Then Aeschylus soon begins to rip Euripides to shreds...  

Publisert 19.12.2014
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